PQE Group is proud to announce a significant strategic move with the inauguration of PQE Ireland, marking a pivotal moment in our global expansion. This move is more than a geographic shift; it’s an opportunity-rich venture that holds tremendous promise for stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

1. Pharma Powerhouse in Ireland:

Ireland’s landscape is adorned with over 180 pharmaceutical companies, solidifying its status as a dynamic hub for innovation. The welcoming business environment and a proven track record make it an attractive locale for forging new partnerships and driving advancements in the pharmaceutical arena.

2. Geographic Advantage for Global Reach:

Strategically positioned, Ireland’s geographical benefits offer a direct conduit to both European and U.S. markets. This seamless access propels pharmaceutical exports, providing an efficient route for your products to make a mark on the global stage.

3. Amplified Collaboration with U.S. Markets:

The robust connection between Ireland and the U.S. positions our move as a catalyst for enhanced collaboration opportunities. With major U.S. pharmaceutical players already establishing roots in Ireland, this geographical synergy fosters a climate conducive to joint ventures and expanded market access.

4. Tech and Innovation Hub Integration:

Ireland’s ascent as a tech and innovation hub aligns seamlessly with PQE Group’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge. Our presence in Ireland creates a gateway to local innovation, ensuring that we are at the forefront of technological advancements and contributing to the dynamic growth of the ecosystem.

5. Government Strategies Fueling Success:

Ireland’s remarkable transformation into the largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals in the European Union within less than 50 years is a testament to consistent government strategies. Our decision to establish a footprint in Ireland reflects our confidence in the business-friendly environment that has fueled such unprecedented success.

PQE Group marks the conclusion of a remarkable expansion year in 2023, which includes new offices in Canada, Saudi Arabia, and now, Ireland. These strategic moves underscore our dedication to global presence and fortify our commitment to serving clients on an international scale.

The road ahead holds exciting possibilities, and PQE Group is poised to redefine industry standards in 2024. Here’s to a future filled with challenges, triumphs, and collective achievements!

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