PQE Group Awards Scholarship to Two Mexican Students, Reaffirming Its Commitment to Female Student Empowerment

Florence, Italy –PQE Group has reaffirmed its commitment to the development and empowerment of female students by offering, for the second time, a scholarship to two outstanding engineers from theInstituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), a Mexican public institution for research and education. Brenda and Karen, both exceptional students, were selected to receive a scholarship of 2,500 […]

Introducing Our New Equity Partners

Meet PQE Group’s new Equity Partners, a testament to our commitment to excellence and leadership. Celebrating diverse talents shaping our innovative and successful future.

Gilda D’Incerti joins Gynica Advisory Board against Endometriosis

Gilda D’Incerti, CEO and founder of PQE Group, has joined the advisory board of Gynica. Co-founded by Yotam Hod, Gynica is an Israeli biotech company that is changing the future of women’s health by developing safe, effective, controlled-release treatments for Endometriosis and its main associated symptoms – severe menstrual pain and painful intercourse. Endometriosis is […]

Techniconsult Group joins the PQE Federation

PQE Group and Techniconsult group have signed a formal shareholding agreement. The two companies are both leaders in their sectors and together will lead the industry towards higher standards.