PQE Group has signed a formal shareholding agreement with Techniconsult Group, a leading Italian engineering company based in Florence that has been providing construction and maintenance services to the pharmaceutical industry since 1987. 

Founded by Rosario Lo Presti and Pier Angelo Galligani, the private firm has delivered projects of excellence worldwide. ISPE has recognized one of the facilities they worked on for GlaxoSmithKline in 2019 with a FOYA Award. This annual program celebrates state-of-the-art projects utilizing new and innovative technologies to improve the quality of products. 

Thanks to this strategic alliance, PQE’s portfolio will be enhanced with brand-new and specialized engineering capabilities, allowing the Group to provide general contracting services for its clients and better compete in greenfield projects’ management bids and qualification activities. Moreover, PQE’s presence in Italy will be tremendously increased by this partnership, as the company will officially be 1000 employees locally and 2000 globally, strengthening its position as the #1 consultancy company in its home country dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and among the top 10 all over the world.

This close-knit venture fits the concept of the PQE Federation, our innovative M&A program aiming to share equities in different companies fully dedicated to Lifesciences to strengthen our business, complement our services, and speed up our financial growth.

Furthermore, PQE Group feels very close to Techniconsult Group’s management, which shares the same values for ethics, diversity, and equality that distinguishes our vision.