PQE Group and Deloitte signed a collaboration agreement to offer comprehensive services to major pharma companies

PQE Group and Deloitte have signed a strategic collaboration agreement which further strengthens their Life Sciences sector presence. As a result, 360-degree services will be available to major players in the pharmaceutical world.

Through this collaboration both parties will synergically support M&A Operations in Life Science, ensuring unique Due Diligence value proposition, combining PQE GxP Regulatory & Compliance skills and Deloitte Financial & Accounting background.


Corporates and Companies that choose to rely on this opportunity will experience significant benefits from the many advantages that arise from dealing with a single supplier, such as:

In addition, Clients will avoid encountering the risks that a dependency on multiple supply sources for individual services might bring.


We are certain that our collaboration agreement with Deloitte will greatly impact our Clients and their businesses. With an international footprint, this collaboration will bring innovation through mutual support from financial and technical perspectives as a strategic priority,” remarked Giampaolo Mazzuca, Senior Equity Partner of PQE Group, and in the company since its inception in 1998. “We are proud of this cooperation with Deloitte. I have been with PQE Group since we were established in 1998 with six people, and today we are comprised of more than 2,000 employees with 34 offices around the world. This prestigious collaboration is an unmistakable sign of how far we have come and how much further we will go.


“The collaboration agreement with PQE Group represents an important opportunity to enrich our specialistic  services offered in the Life Science sector. With an integrated service offering Deloitte-PQE Group in fact, we will be able to offer to potential investors in Life Science sector, all the tools needed to analyze at best and better understand the real situation of potential targets and/or suppliers, increasing the success rate of their business development/combinations.” highlighted Marco Vulpiani, Senior Equity Partner and Life Science sector leader of Deloitte Central Mediterranean.