Florence, ItalyPQE Group, a leading authority in regulatory compliance and quality excellence, is proud to announce the launch of ReSQ-UP, an internal Contract Research Organization (CRO) based on a revolutionary model. With a legacy of 25 years in excelling at regulation processes, PQE Group is poised to provide a comprehensive PQE package to new ideas and start-up initiatives, guiding them through the intricacies of regulatory compliance.

ReSQ-UP, a ground-breaking concept in the realm of Clinical Research Organizations, is dedicated to managing clinical trials and complex medical testing responsibilities. It offers a niche CRO service, specializing in Interventional Trials for Phase I-II studies, Observational studies within Research Institutes, pre- and post-marketing clinical investigations, and providing First in Human (FIH) medical device support.

In a strategic move to focus on emerging start-ups in the fields of women’s health (FemTech), medical devices, and medical cannabis innovations, ReSQ-UP aims to deliver the highest quality standards, enabling businesses to efficiently progress to Phase III without competing against larger CROs.

Dr. Moshe Hod, Chief Medical Advisor at PQE Group, highlighted the establishment of a distinguished medical advisory board, comprising global key opinion leaders in women’s health. The board will actively drive solutions for various women’s health issues, including pregnancy, prenatal and post-partum care, menopause, infertility, sexual health, and oncology. PQE Group’s commitment extends beyond cannabinoids, aiming to expand its medical arm into all facets of FemTech and women’s health, with a vision to become the foremost company within the community, addressing an array of conditions and unmet needs.

ReSQ-UP’s dedication to innovative initiatives for digital pregnancy management underscores its mission to enhance women’s health outcomes. The field of FemTech, focusing on technology-based products and services tailored for women’s health, holds immense potential in addressing critical mental health concerns such as post-partum depression. By developing bespoke solutions attuned to women’s unique needs, FemTech is poised to significantly impact women’s health positively.

To better drive research and innovation, PQE Group is also proud to announce a commercial partnership with Infinite Vision, an Italian start-up developed by healthcare experts for innovators in the field of artificial intelligence. This automated predictive algorithm has the aim to revolutionize R&D projects’ analysis and validation in the pharma, nutraceutical, medical device, and animal health sectors by assessing the projects based on six key indicators, while offering a comprehensive assessment of their potential for success. The objective is to make research accessible and increase projects that, in the near future, can enhance the quality of life for people, making easy and fast the projects’ profiling in the R&D space providing a turnkey go-to-market solution.

Together with Infinite Vision and thanks to the enhancement of clinical and medical services, PQE Group steps for the first into the R&D scene to speed up marketing ideas and streamline innovation within the Lifesciences, bridging the gap between investments and start ups owners to deliver new therapies to patients all over the world.