Momentous Milestone at PQE Group: Celebrating Our New Equity Partners

In an announcement at the recent Partners’ Meeting in Parma, PQE Group takes immense pride in introducing its new Equity Partners. This exceptional group, selected for their remarkable contributions and steadfast commitment, represents the future of our organization.

Champions of Innovation and Excellence

These Equity Partners are the embodiment of PQE Group’s core values: innovation, collaboration, and relentless quality pursuit. Their expertise, covering project management, computer system validation, IT infrastructure qualification, commercialization strategy, chemical engineering, and business development, showcases the depth and diversity within our team.

Elevating these individuals to Equity Partner status is a testament to their vital role in sculpting PQE Group’s success. Their commitment has fortified our industry standing and encapsulates our ethos of continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

Meet Our New Equity Partners

Giovanni Armentano: CQV Operations Director (Since 2012)

Giovanni Armentano, a foundational member since 2012, now serves as CQV Operations Director. His leadership has been crucial in upholding our operational standards, reinforcing our reputation for excellence. His strategic vision and quality commitment make him an integral part of our future.

David Bini: ERP Operations Unit Manager (Since 2006)

David Bini, with PQE Group since 2006, steps up as ERP Operations Unit Manager. His commitment to operational excellence has been a cornerstone of our success, making him a critical leader in our organization.

Diana Janczewska: Business Development Director (Since 2012)

Diana Janczewska, part of the team since 2012, assumes the role of Business Development Director. Her passion for building relationships and driving growth aligns perfectly with our strategic vision. Her role underscores our commitment to innovation and expansion.

Diego Nunes Ventrella: Brazil Operation Responsible (Since 2015)

Diego Nunes Ventrella, contributing since 2016, now leads our Brazil operations. His leadership has been instrumental in our success in Brazil, exemplifying our dedication to recognizing impactful talents.

Stephen Tyrpak: Vice President of Medical Device Operations; US & Canada (Since 2022)

Stephen Tyrpak, who joined in 2022, rises to Vice President of Medical Device Operations for the US and Canada. His strategic insight and expertise have significantly influenced our operations, highlighting his leadership and innovative abilities.

United in Excellence and Achievement

As we congratulate David, Giovanni, Stephen, Diana, and Diego, we celebrate the collective resilience that is a hallmark of PQE Group. Their diverse talents and commitment to excellence make them exemplary Equity Partners. Looking ahead, we are excited to harness the strengths of our diverse team, building on our collective achievements.