Florence, Italy –PQE Group has reaffirmed its commitment to the development and empowerment of female students by offering, for the second time, a scholarship to two outstanding engineers from theInstituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), a Mexican public institution for research and education. Brenda and Karen, both exceptional students, were selected to receive a scholarship of 2,500 euros each as part of our initiative to support female talent in academia and the professional field.

We also his held this program, called “EmpowerHer”, in a similar way in Brazil. It aims to not only recognize the talent and dedication of women in the field of engineering, but also to encourage their active participation in the pharmaceutical industry because we are very committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunities in the sector.

“Mexicans are very talented, and  for Adopt a Student in Mexico, we focused on supporting two committed engineering students who were about to finish their degrees and are now working indefinitely at our headquarters in Mexico City,, said Mariola Mier, Corporate Director of Regional Operations in Iberoamerica.

Selection Process

Brenda Ayllon and Karen Godinez were chosen in January 2023, after a month and a half-long process   where they underwent various evaluations alongside other students. The target audience was specifically women about to begin their professional careers. To avoid interrupting their studies, they were asked to visit the offices only during their vacations, allowing them time to engage in professional activities at the company.

When they announced the call for applications, I was excited to participate and gathered all the required documents. They asked for an English video since it’s an international company, and I sent it. After several interviews, they contacted me to tell me I had been selected, and I was very happy,” said Karen Godinez, scholarship winner.

PQE Group aims to help emerging talents transition into the professional field without neglecting their studies. “I went to the offices during my vacation to start getting familiar with the company. They began teaching me about the services they offer, how they do it, the national and international experiences you can have as a consultant, and I liked it a lot. In early January of this year, they contacted me to express interest in having me join the team, and of course, I accepted,” said Brenda Ayllón, scholarship winner.

Together for a Future with Better Opportunities

PQE Group is proud to be part of the students’ professional journey, striving to ensure that opportunities are accessible for recent graduates and that they continue to add to their achievements in their early career. This program is an empowerment model aligned with the company’s values, particularly in the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) areas. “We are confident that empowerment and education are key to a more equitable and innovative path,” concludes Mariola Mier.

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