The right training on policies, procedures, documentation and behaviour for your employees.

Trainings Delivery Models



Live Q&A and discussion event with top experts from the industry.


Video Training

Essential for the effective dissemination of brief concepts to your staff.



A digital platform for your company courses. Ideal for onboarding procedures, standards practice and continuous improvement.



A classic F2F model for training on new regulatory trends and annual updates.


Tailor made

A 100% customized course to develop original training based on your internal procedures and policies.


Webinar Live

A live event that can be customized according to your training needs, with top industry experts replying real time to your questions.

Suggested format is 1 hour.


Video Training

Ideal for disseminating concepts around the company and in the intranet areas of your community. We recommend this format for «pills» topics and reminders.



A structured and interactive tailor made e-learning course developed according to your training plans. Ideal for on boarding new staff and for disseminating detailed procedures’.

We recommend a 30 mins format for each e-learning course.*

*Available in multiple languages, you will be able to choose the speaker your prefer!

  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Data Integrity
  • CSV
  • GCP

Digital Training: a company asset.

To navigate in such a flexible and liquid workplace, companies nowadays must ensure a strong people development strategy to retain talents and improve efficiency.

How can digital e-learning tools boost your workforce’s skillset? Find out from our experts how an effective and smart training plan can leverage your most important asset: your employees.

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