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PQE Group is an ISO 9001 certified technology solutions and compliance consulting services company with global capabilities deliverable throughout the entire product quality life cycle.

With offices located worldwide and a full-ranged broad service portfolio, extensive experience, effective project management, and exceptional cost effectiveness, PQE’s solutions are proven to be the winning combination for global corporations, as well as small and medium sized companies.

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What makes PQE what it is?

Our History

We started off as a small start up in Tuscany, Italy, made of 5 Senior Consultants with a common interest: delivering the highest expertise within the Lifesciences space and ensure patients’ safety.

It's all about the people

We count on each person that works with us, as we grow stronger together.

Achieving our vision

Our vision is to create a diverse work environment with no discrimination and where transparency and respect come first. This is our strength.

An Award-Winning company

Best Managed
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Great Place to Work Certified
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Among the 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe

Financial Times

Nominated one of the 1000 companies to Inspire Europe in 2018

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Local Team

Luca Giustini

PQE US Inc. President, General Manager & Equity Partner

Federico Ceccarelli

Chief Process Officer, Vice President Operations & Senior Equity Partner


VP Strategic Development, Marketing & Communications Local Equity Partner

stephen tyrpak (1)

VP of Operations; US & Canada, Local Equity Partner

Thomas Willis def

Learning & Development
Liasion Officer
Senior Associate Partner

Gaurav Walia

Vice President of CSV/CSA/DI & Digital Governance
Senior Associate Partner

Michael Bohl_USA

Associate Director, Business Development

Emanuele Scudiero_USA

Service Manager, CSV Executive Consultant & Local Equity Partner

Global Board of Directors

Gilda D’Incerti

CEO & Founder

Danilo Neri

Vice President Executive & Board Equity Partner

Stefano Carganico

Chief Innovation Officer & Board Equity Partner

Riccardo Salvagnini

Chief Strategy Officer & Board Equity Partner

Roberto Bertini

Vice President Technical Operations & Board Equity Partner

Simone Calò

Vice President Management Operations & Board Equity Partner

Giacomo Cappellari

Vice President Global Sales & Board Equity Partner

PQE Federation: a global network of alliances.

PQE Group has an established network of collaborations and alliances all over the world to complement services’ delivery, enhance capabilites’ portflio and scale up projects faster and efficiently.

Our M&A process over the years has been developed in a Federation Model and includes the following brands:

A leading engineering company based in Florence, Italy, providing construction and maintenance services to the pharmaceutical industry since 1987.
Located in Malta, Quintian provides GMP IM Certificates in order to allow batches' releases in Europe for products coming from the Middle East and pharmacovigilance services.
GQC is based in Parma (Italy) and is an innovative service provider operating in the medical cannabis industry to guarantee product's quality and enable new therapies through R&D quality data management.
Based in Milan (Italy), DOTS is a new concept of IT solutions provider that helps connect customers' need to software vendors with the aim to enable successful project related to IT governance and software selection.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that our success is tied to the well-being of the community and the environment which we belong to.

Making ours Ghandi’s “Be the Change you wish to see in the World” motto, we take it into action with our commitment to Social Responsibility goals like Sustainable Development, Gender Equality, protection of the Environment and Education.



Gender Equality

Gender Equality





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