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From molecular biology to huge proteins, we can support your Biotech Product throughout the entire process.

Biotechnological Process Support

Biotech Cell-Line Engineering

Cell-Line Engineering

Follow ICH/GMP guidelines throughout production and characterization.

Biotech Process Development

Process Development

From upstream to downstream, define the best production process and analytical method.

Biotech Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Transfer your knowledge up to an industrial scale and get support with all validation activities.

Biotech Process Validation

Process Validation

Review regulatory documentation and validate batches, cell banks and product characterization.

Biotech Production


Optimize processes, get support on clinical studies and commercial batches production.

Why choose us?

Match your market goal on time.

Vaccine Technology Transfer

As we endure the echoes of the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccine manufacturing companies face the need to expand the production to meet the highest rates of request in different parts of the world.
To do so each company must rely on contract manufacturers to complete the production cycle.

We can support this knowledge and tool transfer and protect your product, user and business.

We’ve got you covered.