Laboratory Excellence

Bring Your Library Into the Next Generation.

Full Support for your Regulated Lab.

Thanks to our dedicated personnel and 20+ years of experience in regulated environments we can support you 360° across all your processes, making sure your laboratory is wisely optimized and compliant.

Laboratory Personnel

PQE Group is able to provide dedicated personnel with expertise for the execution of analytical activities of the following laboratory processes:


Perform chemical analysis using wet chemistry methods and analytical instrumentation including:

  • Chromatographic techniques
    (HPLC, UPLC and GC)
  • Spectroscopy (AAS, UV and IR)
  • Instrumentation for chemical analysis
    (Dissolution testers, Karl Fisher Titrators, granulometry, pH-meter)


Perform various analysis to evaluate the microbiological contamination of products and environments and ensure compliance with established standards, such as:

  • Perform sterility and LAL testing
  • Perform sampling and
    environmental monitoring
  • Define and identify Bioburden of controlled contamination areas


Perform Biochemical tests
in sterile environment
and using analytical instrumentation including:

  • ELISA analysis
  • PCR analysis
  • Recombinant DNA Technology

Executive Advising & Project Management

Our consultants can support the management of complex lab systems such as: 

Laboratory Project Manage

Lab of the #Future

Support the improvement of the automation level of your lab leading the process roadmap for the full laboratory integration, with a focus on:

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