Team Buildings at PQE Group – Archeologist for a Day

Ever wonder what Team Building is like at PQE Group? Let me show it to you!  “Archeologist for a Day” is a team initiative we are running in a small city close to Rome called Santa Marinella, where there’s a splendid location: the Forum of the ancient colony of Castrum Novum. What is Castrum Novum? […]

10 Tips & Tricks to get a Job

You are looking for a job, and out of 100 applications, no one has called you yet. You are probably asking yourself what’s wrong with your CV, why don’t you get invited for an interview, etc. Before you start descending into The Dark Realm of the ones who complain about recruiters, here are some recommendations from […]

5 Tips for your Interview outfit

Research the company’s culture and dress code First step: always get information about the company’s dress code. The easiest way to do it is on the company’s social media. Go on Linkedin or Instagram and check for employees’ pictures to get an idea of what the employees’ outfits look like. Pay attention to the location […]

10 Tips to write your CV (Part 2)

6)Customize every application Not every job has the exact requirements, and not all companies are looking for the same skills, even if it’s the same job title. So it would help if you customized your CV for every application (almost) to be aligned with the search they are doing. 7)Use the right keywords Today many […]

10 Tips to write your CV (Part 1)

1)Use templates  In the era of the Internet, someone can always help you with tasks you are unfamiliar with. In this case, make use of the hundreds of CV templates you can find online, download 10 of them, choose the one you like the most and customize it to make it more yours (colors, spaces, […]

The PQE Academy is born.

At PQE Group, the people are the main values of our mission, the heart, and soul of our society. Knowledge and constant learning are key elements to guarantee our services’ quality and build our internal community. We aim to help our employees to reach success by expressing their full potential and talents. This is why […]