At PQE Group, the people are the main values of our mission, the heart, and soul of our society. Knowledge and constant learning are key elements to guarantee our services’ quality and build our internal community. We aim to help our employees to reach success by expressing their full potential and talents. This is why we are very proud and excited to kick off the PQE Academy, to guarantee space for growth and develop the skills of our best employees.
The Academy offers various courses and training, from general classes to system specifications and soft skills’ management.

Despite the pandemic and global health emergency, PQE Group has announced a huge investment for 2021 in training its talents. Thus was born the PQE Academy, a project that aims to help employees to acquire technical knowledge through four specially designed learning courses and elevate their full potential as managers within the company.

“In the last 5 years, we have had an important growth also in terms of the number of internal resources – Gilda D’Incerti, CEO & Founder of PQE Group says – therefore, especially as a result of what has happened in recent months, I wanted to focus my attention on the human capital of the company, giving to the most deserving, the opportunity to train and improve themselves. In fact, I am convinced – continues D’Incerti – that in a consulting company like ours, growth passes through investment in people and their skills”.

The employees, selected among the 800 from all over the world, will therefore have the opportunity to follow technical courses held by leading internal figures and focused on issues related to the services that the company offers. The courses will be available both through online platforms and through live lessons.

The initiative’s real highlight is the possibility for the employees to receive full funds for an executive master’s degree of their choice within leading international universities and institutes.
To gain extra credits to spend at the PQE Academy, the employees will also be evaluated based on their work performance and by taking part in the numerous CSR initiatives and volunteering that the company regularly carries out for years.

PQE Group, once again demonstrates its great commitment to improving employees’ work-life balance, community, and constant development of its talents.

PQE Academy is part of a context of strong social commitment, which can also be found in the very latest R&D initiative, the Infodemic Task Force, which deals with disseminating safe and quality news against fake news regarding COVID-19, as more informed and educated people can make more informed choices in their everyday life.