Ever wonder what Team Building is like at PQE Group? Let me show it to you! 

“Archeologist for a Day” is a team initiative we are running in a small city close to Rome called Santa Marinella, where there’s a splendid location: the Forum of the ancient colony of Castrum Novum.

What is Castrum Novum? It is an archeological site; a Roman fortress built a few meters from the sea during the Punic Wars in the first half of the third century BC. 

Until now, PQE Group has been helping the archeological site in two ways: with funds and with a “hands-on approach,” and when we say “hands-on,” we mean it! 

During the last year, PQE Group has organized the main event at the site (and more to come during 2022) and supported the archeological group of Santa Marinella with events and promoting the participation of groups of employees, with friends and families welcome, who wanted to be volunteers.

How did the event go? We were all involved in a walking class at the beginning of the day to get more historical information about the place. Afterward, we were divided into groups to work at separate locations in the site

For example, I worked on the foundation walls, the part closer to the sea, built around 250 BC. I had to brush and clean a lot of dust and soil to bring the structure to light. Together with the rest of the group, we had to pay attention not to damage the wall and the surroundings while working. We collaborated with another group that supported us, filtering all the soil to find coins, pieces of amphora, and other archeological finds that would go into the local museum.

The local volunteers, aged 20 to 65, were so welcoming that we felt at home, especially during the lunch break, where we cooked and ate all together (45 portions of Amatriciana, table 1!). 

Anyway, the activity was impressive: the local people are fantastic, and something I significantly appreciated is that we had the chance to know our colleagues outside the workplace, colleagues from other offices, or the same team, discovering not just a friendly collaborators but true friendships. 

To close this short memory, I take the words of a wiser colleague: “Success, not of those who found it, but of the group that sweated (each in different roles) to bring it to light. I think that’s the spirit that should be applied at the corporate level to achieve success.”