1. Research the company’s culture and dress code

First step: always get information about the company’s dress code. The easiest way to do it is on the company’s social media. Go on Linkedin or Instagram and check for employees’ pictures to get an idea of what the employees’ outfits look like. Pay attention to the location mentioned in the picture; some offices might be more or less formal. If you can, search for information about the specific office you applied to.

  1. Business casual is usually a good choice

After you have collected all the data needed, you can start browsing your wardrobe. A general “business casual” outfit should fit most of the interviews, but you should be prepared to wear something more formal too. We wouldn’t suggest dressing in the less formal line. Even if informal, it’s still an interview. 

  1. Wear something you are comfortable with 

One of the first hiking rules is not to wear new shoes for long hikes. Before starting a difficult path, you should make yourself comfortable with your new shoes. The same goes for interviews: you should always wear something you already feel comfortable with; the last thing you want is to find out that your trousers are itchy during the interview. Therefore, if you buy a new outfit for the interview, wear it sometimes before the great day comes.

  1. Use your personal style

Clothes are a way to express ourselves, and you shouldn’t be afraid of showing your style while respecting the dress code required by the company.

  1. Bring a change of clothes

Of course, this is a bit extreme but, if you can, bring some 2nd pieces of your outfit like a tie, or a blouse, you never know what may happen (coffee, sweat, pigeons). If it’s easy to bring, bring it with you. Otherwise, if you are going, for example, by tube or bus, be extra careful about weather conditions and your coffee.