PQE India: Empowering Communities

In the dynamic landscape of corporate social responsibility (CSR), PQE India emerged as a beacon of change in the fiscal year 2023-2024, championing impactful initiatives in collaboration with the esteemed Prasanchetas Foundation. These endeavors, spanning diverse domains such as education, healthcare, vocational training, and community development, have left an indelible mark on underprivileged communities across […]

PQE India CSR Project

The India Team for the local CSR project decided to focus on two areas: needed children for basic requirements of nutritious food and education whose families were severely hit by the pandemic, and the second was better primary health services for the underprivileged section of society. Happiness Kit supported by Akshaya Patra Foundation Needed children […]

Establishing the PQE CSR Committee

Today, within the PQE Group, the CSR Committee was born. A team of professionals whose task is to follow corporate social responsibility projects internationally. Safeguarding water and the marine environment and actions to eliminate gender diversity are the two objectives that PQE Group has set for 2022. Thus, the projects proposed by committee members need […]