Florence, June 6th, 2024 – PQE Group, a global consulting company specializing in the life science industry, proudly announces the release of its inaugural Sustainability Report for FY 2023. This milestone publication underscores PQE Group’s unwavering dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, reflecting its commitment to transparency and accountability.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Insight

The Sustainability Report provides a detailed overview of PQE Group’s sustainability initiatives, focusing on its Italian Headquarters while encompassing all 45 global subsidiaries. From CO2 emissions reduction efforts to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, the report comprehensively examines the company’s commitment to a sustainable and inclusive future.

Economic Growth and CEO’s Perspective

Founded in 1998, PQE Group has achieved remarkable economic growth, boasting a turnover of 103 million euros in 2023. This success is attributed to the collective efforts of its nearly 2,000-strong workforce.
Gilda D’Incerti, CEO of PQE Group, emphasizes the company’s deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. She states, Sustainability has always been central to our corporate ethos. Our inaugural Sustainability Report underscores our dedication to fostering a positive global impact through transparent and accountable practices.”

Green Initiatives & Corporate Social Responsibility

PQE Group has revised its Travel Policy to promote CO2 emission reduction during travel.
Additionally, the company is transitioning its vehicle fleet toward greener options, with hybrids currently accounting for 21 percent and a bold target of reaching 40% by FY25.
The report highlights PQE Group’s CSR activities, including healthcare and scientific research support, quality education advocacy, staff development initiatives, eco-friendly practices, artisanal enterprise support, supply chain inclusivity, and gender equality promotion.

Talent Development

PQE Group in Italy is committed to nurturing a talent-friendly work environment. With 661 employees in its Italian corporate workforce, the company reflects a 13.9 percent growth rate and gender balance, emphasizing comprehensive training and career advancement opportunities.


PQE Group’s Sustainability Report represents a significant step toward sustainable growth and responsible business practices. As the company continues its journey, it remains dedicated to making a positive global impact while upholding transparency and accountability. 🌱🌎

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