PQE Group has been named among the excellent companies of 2018 in Italy according to the research conducted by the Osservatorio PMI carried out by Global Strategy, a strategic and financial consulting firm that presented the results of the tenth edition yesterday at Palazzo Mezzanotte, Stock Exchange Headquarters in Milan.

In this tenth edition, 724 Excellent companies were identified, which in the last 5 years have shown systematically better results than their competitors in terms of growth, profitability, and financial solidity.

“PQE Group has a very different success story compared to other Italian companies – says Thomas Carganico, Marketing & Communication Manager – as we have exported a pioneering product abroad, such as quality services in the pharmaceutical field, while maintaining a pure Italian methodology at the level of both project management and creativity. We are also proud to have been able to give work to many young Italian and international talents. In fact, since 2013, PQE has employed about 300 people (today we are a total of 500) but we have set ourselves the goal of growing again, reaching the number of 5,000 employees in 5 years globally. ”