For PQE Group, 2022 has been full of milestones and recognitions that mark our company’s steady growth. In terms of numbers, PQE Group continues to break records by achieving significant growth in the United States and other foreign markets.

According to the data, these brilliant accomplishments result from a path and strategy that is proving to be successful. Let us review the main milestones together and outline the future goals for 2023.


In 2022, we reached 2000 employees worldwide by hiring more than 500 talents, split between recent graduates and senior experts. In 2023, we plan to keep this trend by hiring new 800 colleagues worldwide.
Not limited to the Americas, the intense recruiting activity will also target new markets such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Singapore, Ireland, and Canada.
Profiles sought include graduates in scientific subjects such as biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, biology, and pharmacy, with good knowledge of foreign languages.
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Besides organic growth, we confirm in the 2023 business plan the increase in strategic collaborations (the so-called Group Federation process), creating new joint ventures with entrepreneurs worldwide. Great examples from last year were the shareholding agreements established with Techniconsult Group, a leading engineering company, and Quintian Pharma, a Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance consulting firm. These partnerships ensure further expansion of the workforce and competitiveness within the global markets.


The past year has also been a highly successful one in terms of HR activities. In the United States, we have been named “Great Place to Work”: an award confirming people’s centrality in our business strategy. For the most talented employees who aspire to become partners in the company, we set aside structured career plans to help them accomplish this goal. We have 43 Equity partners, most of them trained in-house, and more than 130 are young managers from 16 different countries, 40% of whom are women.

2022 has been a positive year for PQE Group, a private company, made in Italy, with an international dimension,” explains Danilo Neri, Vice President Executive & Board Equity Partner,  “that allows us to be in competition with the biggest consulting companies. Not just due to our internationalization and substantial number of highly specialized talents, we also decided to extend our services portfolio focusing our attention in the clinical studies and medical cannabis, becoming among the top players worldwide within the consulting companies in the Life Sciences sector.