Equipment Validation Services

Ensure your equipments meet regulatory standards with PQE Group’s all-in-one validation services.

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Full-Spectrum Equipment Validation Services

No more delayed launches and lapses in quality with expert validation services designed to reduce costs and accelerate market entry.

Create detailed plans aligned with system URS to help you navigate the validation process.

Actively search for and promptly resolve inefficiencies in the validation process.

Capture precise user and business needs early in the project.

Ensure all design and verification requirements are met.

Ensure system specifications fulfill functional requirements through rigorous testing.

Ensure equipment installation adheres to all specifications and regulations.

Validate equipment operability and ensure it performs as intended.

Show consistent operation within the working environment through comprehensive testing.

Continuously uphold standards to meet regulatory and industry guidelines.

Provide comprehensive records and analysis for each validation stage.

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Backed by decades of expertise in equipment validation, we ensure that your validation requirements are met, guaranteeing reliability and regulatory compliance.

Equipment Validation Services For Every Facility & Industry

From pharmaceuticals to biotech, and medical devices, our extensive validation services help you achieve and maintain compliance across every industry.

  • Compounding System, Reactor, Vessel and Tank 
  • Filtering Lines 
  • Autoclave 
  • Vial/Ampules Washing Machine 
  • Depyrogenating Tunnel / Dry Oven 
  • Vials/Ampoules Filling Machine 
  • Crimping Machine 
  • Isolators (including VHP) 
  • RABs 
  • Freeze Drier 
  • Inspection Machine 
  • Packaging (primary and sec.) 
  • Fridge, Refrigerator, Incubator 
  • Ultra Filter 
  • Chromatography System 
  • Ancillaries 
  • Sieve and Miller 
  • Mixer 
  • Granulator 
  • Fluid Bed Dryer 
  • Tablet Press Machine 
  • Coating Machine 
  • Emulsifying machine 
  • Bottle Filling 
  • Washing Machine 
  • Blistering Machine 
  • Glove Box 
  • Packaging Line 
  • Serialization 
  • Extrusion Line 
  • Injection molding machine 
  • Mold  
  • Assembling Line 
  • Packaging Line 
  • Others Ancillaries 
  • Reactors and Tank 
  • Centrifuge 
  • Dryer 
  • Filter Press 
  • Vacuum Pump 
  • Pneumatic Transport System 
  • Isolator/Glove Box 
  • Mother Tank 

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