We are very glad to announce that United Pharma Technologies Inc. (UPT), a resources’ services agency based in New Jersey – USA, founded and managed by Vasantha Madasu is now officially federated with PQE Group in a close-knit alliance that will allow us to scale up projects’ staff and capabilities faster and more efficiently.

Reporting to the Top Management, Vasantha Madasu is based in San Diego, California and in her new role as Chief Talent Officer for the Americas, she will lead the Talent Acquisition process for PQE US and outsourcing affiliates such as Mexico, Brazil, and India. Moreover, she will be integrally involved in overseeing immigration, recruiting, partnerships with staffing agencies, and collaborations with academic institutions.

Ms. Madasu is a results-oriented professional with more than 20 years of global experience leading IT consulting and professional services organizations. As a proven senior executive, she has an excellent track record of maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders.

“While I was previously aware of PQE’s successes after meeting Gilda, I understand the force behind it.” – Vasantha says – I admire her vision and her drive to not only be a success in business but also the many Global CSR’s she fosters. As a woman in the business world, I look forward to having her as a mentor.  I am excited about our continued work on the Global front in both businesses and charitable activities, which are very close to my heart.  I want to take a moment to thank Babji Movva and Anil Nalluri, my partners in UPT for trusting and supporting my leadership. UPT would not be where it is without their vision, hard work, and support.​​​​​​​  We wish to support and exceed expectations in this partnership.”

PQE Group and UPT will join as shareholders with each other company in a “unique and different approach to M&A activities”, explains Danilo Neri, Vice President Executive & Board Equity Partner of the Group, “as we aim to engage with entrepreneurs rather than just companies, bringing business development ideas to the table and acting as a whole organization by sharing the same vision, mission and network”.