Due to poor social conditions and early pregnancy, many girls in Ethiopia can’t correctly carry their studies and scholarship on. Thanks also to PQE Group support, AMARE has implemented the “GIRL TO GIRLS” project. The initiative aimed to combat school absenteeism and dropout, providing school supplies, personal hygiene products, and recyclable and disposable sanitary napkins to girls from low-income families between 14-19 years’ old who attend the ninth grade of schools in Bahir Dar.

In 2020, 109 destitute, widows or abandoned women, often HIV-positive, have activated small income-generating activities that have allowed them to support themselves and their children with dignity. In 2021, PQE Group supported Amare onlus for the socio-economic emancipation of the women in Bahir Dar. The project provides to the women: professional training for the acquisition of basic notions for micro-entrepreneurship; business plan for the activity; savings account, necessary capital and the start-up of the business; the creation of self-help groups.

Together with AMARE, we have built a well with clean drinkable water for an important school, and a small water distribution system to the contiguous villages, around Hosanna, in the Hadiya area, 235 KM south of Addis Ababa. The initiative was promoted by the local Diocese of Capuchin Friars, who manage the local primary school (multi-religious and multi-ethnic) with about 1600 students, who every day have to deal with the absolute lack of water, both for drinking and for hygienic-sanitary purposes. The project includes not only a source inside the school, but also a cistern outside it, available to the adjacent villages – Bobicho Kebele, Jello Naremo Kebele, Kidigisa Rural Kebele – for a total of 2500 families (more than 10,000 people).

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About AMARE Onlus

AMARE ODV Onlus is a charity organization founded in Brescia in 2006 by a circuit of families dedicated to international adoptions, especially of Ethiopian children. 

In Amaric,Ethiopia’s official language, “Amare” means “always grow up more beautiful”: a wish that was taken as a mission by these families to help raising children from the poorest countries of the world.

Amare’s mission is to promote international cooperation, meaning to promote the economic, social and cultural development of its geographical areas of intervention: mainly the Horn of Africa, but also Gibuti and Kenya, with professional development, business and economy development projects. For example, water wells, water networks, agricultural development, schools, cereals mills, health centers projects and female entrepreneurship promotion projects.