PQE Israel subsidiary had an outstanding Build team activity on a unique boat whose purpose is ‘Sailing for Change.’ Arranged by Mifrasim – a non-profit organization based on a community of volunteers whose goal is to enhance group skills through sailing voyages on this unique boat.

Its target audience is also the business sector – like us. The activity aims to teach us how to leave our comfort zone, disconnect from our daily distractions, experience teamwork at its best, and trigger a change.

The activity is also suitable for various groups, including sea voyage programs that ‘Mifrasim’ offers to Youth at Risk, Polarized populations, People on the spectrum, People dealing with loss (grief), and People dealing with PTSD.

The Israel subsidiary experienced sailing and operating this massive boat, which was a fantastic experience for everyone.

Here below are some comments by our “new sailers”!

Sharon Maliar

I know ‘Mifrasim’ very well by now, I am a volunteer, sailing regularly on it, assisting groups to handle this unique massive boat.

As a matter of fact, my sailing hobby had started 3 years ago on the day that ‘Mifrasim’ arrived to Israel. I wanted to be part of the volunteer’s team, contributing to variety of groups with special needs, while doing it on the sea which I am so much identified with.

Speaking with one of the founders whom I know for a long time, had invited me to welcome the boat on its arrival day. Shortly afterwards, I found myself on the route to become a skipper and volunteering on ‘Mifrasim​​.

During the last year I’ve been with a group of lone solders with no family support during their service, with a group of women sexually assaulted victims, a group of young bereaved brothers and sisters and groups from the business sector.

I could see in action how operating this massive boat, while everything is manual, no automatic wheel, no automatic winches those that help to pull up 28 meters sails, coping with the moving water, the wind, participating the discussions with the professional guidance, how it opens up ones heart, fulfilling it with good intentions, coping with their weaknesses, taking them out of their comfort zone and taking them forward.

My part in the PQE IL experience on ‘Mifrasim’ wasn’t to be one of the volunteers this time but to be one of the PQE employees, experiencing it from the other side, as one of the members. My mission was to be the photographer, my other hobby, and the goal that I have set for myself was to try and tell our story.

It was a challenge, to be present, to see what’s going on, to capture the moments, to feel the people, be everywhere while being on a running boat. Stable it is not, luckily I love it so much.   

As the known saying “one picture worth a thousand words” I hope I could transfer the rainbow of feelings when the starting point with some, was anxiety, wonder, fear, out of comfort zone, slowly changes to connecting with the spoken words, with each other, mutual assistance, happiness, resistance and exaltation. I felt the same.

Seemed like the Chakras opened letting the experience crawling in. To me this is where a change has a room to enter and where the magic starts.

Igor Visnadul

From my point of view, I can say that it was amazing experience because it was first time for me to stand in a boat like this.

In addition, it was the first time that we did a team work between all employees, technical and non-technical which in my opinion is very important to build a stable team.

Last but not least, all team felt positive after this day, and in my opinion will increase the motivation of each one of us.