A Commitment to Education and Opportunity

In a significant stride towards educational empowerment, PQE Group proudly announces its scholarship program, launched nearly two years ago in collaboration with GLIP (Global Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution) at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. This initiative embodies PQE Group’s dedication to supporting academic endeavors and creating opportunities for young, aspiring women in STEM fields, particularly those grappling with financial challenges.

The Genesis of the Scholarship Program

PQE Group, recognizing the need for an inclusive and diverse academic environment, joined forces with GLIP to set up a scholarship program at USP. GLIP, known for bolstering academic and research activities, shares PQE Group’s vision of fostering a society that embraces diversity and inclusivity. The scholarship targets five deserving young women, aiding them in their quest for higher education and professional development.

Scholarship Details and Impact

The PQE Group scholarship is designed to alleviate financial burdens and open doors to significant professional opportunities. Recipients are granted not only financial assistance but also invaluable hands-on experience through training internships with PQE Group. This dual approach equips them with essential skills and knowledge, paving the way for success in their chosen careers.

Embracing Global Perspectives: A Transformative Journey Beyond Borders

A unique aspect of the scholarship involves international internships. Some recipients are offered positions at PQE Group’s subsidiary in Mexico, providing them with a global perspective on their careers. Additionally, one recipient gains experience in Spain, enhancing language skills and cultural understanding. These international stints, including a visit to the headquarters, offer insights into PQE Group’s operations and specialized services.

A defining element of PQE Group’s scholarship program is the extraordinary opportunity it presents for scholars, many of whom had never ventured outside Brazil, to not only refine their professional capabilities but also to skillfully navigate and embrace a myriad of cultural and work environments. This facet of the program gains profound significance considering that for these young women, it marks their inaugural journey beyond the familiar territories of Brazil, catapulting them into entirely new cultural landscapes.

Immersed in the vibrant and diverse settings of Mexico and Spain, the scholars experience a profound expansion of their worldviews. In Mexico City, they encounter a tapestry of cultural practices and professional norms distinct from their own, challenging them to adapt and integrate their technical skills within a novel societal framework. This immersion is more than just an educational venture; it is a journey into the heart of new cultural dynamics, fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of global diversity.

Similarly, the internship in Spain is not just about honing technical skills but also about navigating the nuances of European professional and social culture. These experiences are transformative at their core, instilling in these young women an enriched perspective of the world. The ability to respect and adapt to cultural differences, combined with technical acumen, shapes them into not just skilled professionals, but empathetic and versatile global citizens.

GLIP and PQE Group: Pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility

The PQE Group scholarship program at USP stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. By nurturing these young women’s academic and professional journeys, PQE Group is not just investing in individual futures but is also contributing positively to broader communities.

Beyond the Scholarship: Fostering FemTech and International Collaboration

The PQE Group scholarship program transcends geographical boundaries, contributing to the FemTech revolution and emphasizing female empowerment in STEM. Thanks to this program, a recipient has also gained experience in Europe. This international exposure is pivotal in preparing them for impactful roles in their respective fields, aligning with PQE Group’s commitment to a sustainable future where women are integral to technological and scientific progress.

In Conclusion: Shaping a Brighter Future Together

PQE Group’s scholarships at USP symbolize a profound investment in tomorrow’s leaders. These young women, supported by PQE Group, are on a transformative journey, poised to make significant contributions in their fields. PQE Group takes pride in being part of their journey and eagerly anticipates the remarkable achievements these scholars will accomplish. This initiative underlines PQE Group’s vision of a world where education and opportunities are accessible to all, transcending financial barriers.
PQE Group’s scholarship program at USP is a beacon of hope and a model of empowerment. It showcases the alignment of values among students, GLIP, USP, and PQE Group, particularly in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) areas. Starting January 2024, these scholars will join PQE Group’s Brazil office, infusing their fresh perspectives into ESG-related projects. Together, they are shaping a future where diversity, empowerment, and education lead the way towards a more equitable and innovative world.