PQE Group is pleased to announce the launch of GQC – Glocal Quality Cannabis, the first start-up to join the federated companies of PQE Group to support medical cannabis businesses.

The newly created company is the world’s first start-up to support pharmaceutical companies in every aspect of medical cannabis development and distribution. GQC launch is the result of PQE Group’s expertise accumulated in almost 25 years of support to the major companies in the Life Science industry all over the world, supporting organizations ranging from start-ups to large pharma by acting locally with a global mindset.

Engineering, GxP quality compliance, regulatory affairs, medical-scientific advisory, clinical studies and a GQC academy are the primary services that GQC will make available to clients through the significant knowledge gained by PQE Group over the past two decades.

Gilda D’Incerti, PQE Group CEO & Founder and President of GQC shared the backstory of GQC: “I strongly believe in the therapeutic power of cannabis in the medical world and I wanted to support the field of research as well as the development and dissemination of medical cannabis through the creation of this new start-up. I personally and with great care researched the professionals who make up the new GQC team: chemists, pharmacists, physicians, and biologists who take care of the supply chain at three hundred and sixty degrees”.

To get more information or to explore a customized solution for your Medical Cannabis business, visit the newly released GQC Website.