Six teammates, an adventure on the other side of the World to raise awareness of Children’s Right to Education.

In May 2019, a team of 6 PQE Group employees from all the PQE subsidiaries (namely four Italians, one Mexican, and one Moldovan) carried out volunteer activities at the Moonlight elementary school in Kathmandu, which was successfully rebuilt after the terrible “Gorka” Earthquake that hit the city on April 2015 thanks to the support of PQE and by the Charity Association Help for Friends”.

“For years I have chosen to support the Moonlight School because I immediately believed in the project of its founder Santosh Koirala, which unlike others, allowed to educate girls in a society where access to education for women was largely null. Therefore, the idea that I feel a lot, that there should be equal opportunities for men and women, is the thing that pushed me to follow this initiative. I believe very much in this kind of activity, and for this reason I have considered it essential to give a group of employees the opportunity to make this experience, allowing them to touch a reality very different from ours. Behind all this, there is something that can change people’s lives, through small gestures.”
Gilda D’Incerti – PQE Group C.E.O.

The Moonlight School Foundation

“Moonlight School” is a special school based in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, managed by the non-profit organization “Moonlight School Foundation.” It is committed to granting education, scholarship, food, and medical assistance to the poorest children who couldn’t afford (neither are permitted) to attend the few middle-class schools in the city and would be destined to a life of poverty without instruction.
Since 2009, Moonlight School has provided free quality education to 160 children. Moonlight School’s main goals are to create a good education site, provide free solarization and fight the great plague of illiteracy among the population, fostering the children’s growth and social change, giving them all the competencies to enroute on the path of personal development and emancipation from poverty. Their classes start from kindergarten to primary school level, and the school provides all the materials needed, including clothing, plus a warm lunch every day. Moonlight School Foundation also grants its teachers continuous formation and a good salary level.

Help For Friends (Onlus)

Our initiative was co-coordinated by Help For Friends, an Italian non-profit association. Its mission is to foster human and social development for people living in poverty in small mountain areas of Nepal and Peru. For Help for Friends, culture is the seed for personal growth and development a more aware and responsible society. Their projects mostly focus on the following: