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The documented evidence provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce a product meeting its predetermined specifications and quality characteristics.
Yet achieving this can be challenging.

Regulatory requirements are constantly changing, and the need for maximising efficiency has never been greater.

Yet despite the critical nature of Qualification and Validation, many companies lack the in-house expertise and resources to undertake this sufficiently and so turn to qualification and validation specialists, specifically within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries.

Why should I invest in this?

PQE Group allows equipment manufacturers worldwide to focus on manufacturing, while relying on PQE to do the Qualification testing and provide Quality Management System support thanks to our expert resources and certified instrumentation.

Why PQE?


PQE with over 25 years of Pharmaceutical Industry experience supplies Qualification and Validation testing to Pharmaceutical manufacturing Equipment and Technology providers worldwide. 


PQE offers factory and on site Qualification activities with our network of experienced Qualification Engineers and certified instrumentation.

Cost effectiveness

PQE Qualification service teams are located in the main Pharmaceutical markets to minimize cost 

Activities on machinery and more

PQE covers all aspects of the Qualification / validation lifecycle as they relate to facilities, utilities, equipment, such as:

  • Packaging line,  
  • Autoclaves,  
  • Cold Store and Stability Rooms,  
  • Fermenter and Process Vessels,                 
  • Fridges and Freezers,  
  • Incubators,  
  • Cryogenic Storage,  
  • Unidirectional Airflow Stations, 
  • Blow Fill Seal Machines,     
  • Dry Heat Ovens and Tunnels,  
  • HVAC and Clean Rooms,  
  • Isolators,  
  • Microbiological Safety Cabinets,  
  • Utilities 


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